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Avoid These 3 Common Window Installation Mistakes

Windows are a hefty expense for any homeowner. Regardless of whether you are replacing your existing windows or building a new home and having them installed for the first time, you want to make sure the job is done right. Otherwise, you could end up spending more money trying to correct a poor installation job. Rushing through the job in an attempt to get the windows installed quicker is bound to leave you with issues that have to be addressed later on. To prevent moisture from seeping in, avoid making one of the following mistakes with your window installation.

Not choosing the right window size.

It takes a lot of patience and accuracy to measure the size windows you need for your property. Even a half inch can make a significant difference in how your windows are going to fit in your existing space. Choosing a window that is too …

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Understanding Different Window Glass Replacement Options

Your windows can really make your house stand out, but the glass inside the window plays a large part in it. If you need to replace the glass on a window because it has become damaged, you have the opportunity to select the type of glass that you will be putting back into the frame. There are a couple options for glass replacement that you may not be aware of, with each having its own unique benefits.

Obscure and Pattern

Obscure and patterned glass is typically described as glass that is rolled or etched. Etching is more expensive because it involves a sandblasting or chemical process for chafing the surface. A mask is applied over the glass to protect certain areas, leaving it untouched in the etching process. Etching can be performed on any thickness of glass.

Rolled glass is much cheaper because of the pattern being built in the …

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