If you have a crack or other imperfection in your windshield, it's important to have it fixed by a glass repair shop as soon as possible. Otherwise, your visibility could be limited, and your windshield could be at an increased risk of shattering. Until you're able to take your car to the shop, however, it's important to prevent added damage in every way possible. Luckily, avoiding these five things can help you prevent excess damage while you're waiting to make necessary glass repairs.

1. Turning On Your Defroster

Although there are some situations when it's necessary to use your vehicle's defroster, you should avoid it when possible when your windshield is damaged. Your defroster sends warm air over your entire windshield, and the temperature change and excess heat can cause a windshield crack to spread or shatter.

2. Parking Your Vehicle in Hot or Cold Areas

If at all possible, consider parking your vehicle under a tree (for shade) or in a garage until you're able to have your windshield fixed. This is because extreme heat or cold can cause the windshield crack to get worse much more quickly.

3. Turning Your Radio Up too Loud

Keep your radio -- and your bass levels -- turned down until you have made these repairs. Otherwise, the radio and thumping bass could cause your windshield to vibrate, which can obviously cause cracks to spread.

4. Slamming Your Door

Although it might be a habit, it's important not to slam your car doors when you have a damaged windshield. Otherwise, the jarring motion of slamming the door can cause the crack to spread or the entire windshield to shatter. Also, make sure that you remind your loved ones to be careful when shutting your car door while you're waiting for repairs.

5. Pressing Too Hard on Windshield

If you clean your windshield or use an ice scraping tool to get rid of ice, it's important to do so with a light hand. Applying too much pressure could be just what is needed to make a scratch worse. Consider melting ice with cool water rather than scraping it away with an ice scraping tool, and be very gentle when cleaning your windshield.

As you probably already know, it's easy for windshield cracks and other imperfections to get worse. Luckily, avoiding these five common things can help you prevent added damage from occurring to your vehicle glass.