Tim Tebow Gives Homeless Person The Shoes Off His Feet

Tim Tebow visited a homeless shelter in Phoenix and donated 50 pairs of new shoes — and when he realized he didn’t have enough he gave away the pair he was wearing.

Tebow spent time at St. Vincent de Paul, telling staff members that he wanted to visit the guests who live there as well as on the streets.

During his stay, Tebow gave away 50 new pairs of shoes.

St. Vincent de Paul told ABC 15 at the end of the visit, there were more people left without shoes as Tebow exited. So, the former Heisman Trophy winner took the shoes he was wearing off and gave them to a guest on his way out.

He also took down a list of people at the visit that didn’t get shoes that day, and sent them all a pair through the nonprofit.

“We were fortunate to have Tim Tebow visit our main campus in South Phoenix last week,” St. Vincent de Paul said in a statement. “He went above and beyond and donated 50 pair of shoes to be given away to St. Vincent de Paul clients who needed them the most. And not just that, he took his shoes off to give them to a person who was left without shoes. We appreciate his generosity and support of our community.”